February 2019 RoundUp

February 2019 was probably one of the months where I spent the most time looking at a screen, whether it be work or fun; it is also the month where I tend to add new pieces to my wardrobe or take advantage of the birthday offers that begin arriving. On a separate note, this seems to have been my Matthew Goode month, with the amount of movies and shows of his I watched.

TV Shows I Watched

A Discovery of Witches (5/5): probably the best show I’ve found via an instagram ad. It is a supernatural drama that hits a note with its great production and focus on the plot and character development. The abilities of the different creatures truly take a background to the plot, as they only become revenant as the story dictates it; when also it does not focus on the fangs, or the magic, or any other cliches . The best surprise was that the cast chemistry was palpable in each scene. Matthew Good and Teresa Palmer give incredible performances, only enriched by their incredible co-stars. While the show is currently only found via Subscription to Shudder and SundanceNow, it will be airing in April via AMC. Highly recommend watching in any format.

ACS: Assassination of Gianni Versace (5/5): While Ryan Murphy has often been a hit or miss with me, this edition of American Crime Story was unbelievably good. The acting was superb, and the story was so well crafted that watching it in one go was the only way to do it. The show is currently available in Netflix.

Bodyguard (4/5): This Netflix original is a great drama; it is wonderfully led by Richard Madden. While the story is solid, there were a few plot holes that I couldn’t let go of while watching.

Ordeal of Innocence (3/5): This BBC adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel was probably not my favorite. I watched it since the BBC adaptation of “Then There were None,” was probably one of my favorite miniseries. Ordeal of Innocence follows the dark past of a family, and just who is responsible not only of a murder, but the incarceration and subsequent suicide of the wrongly convicted suspect. While the cast is solid, the story does quite a bit of jumping back and forth between past and present, and in the way it was then adjusted, makes it a little difficult to follow as the plots get a bit muddled. The show is currently on Amazon Prime Video.

The Good Wife (3/5): I started this show in February, but so far it is another procedural drama show. While the cast is solid, it falls a bit on the receptiveness of procedurals. I recommend it specifically for those who enjoy these types of shows. The show is currently on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Movies I watched

One Last Heist (4/5) Pressure (3/5)

Wimbledon (3/5) Bohemian Rhapsody (5/5)

Alita Battle Angel (5/5) Chasing Liberty (4/5)

Paper Towns (3/5) 7 Days in Entebbe (3/5)

Mary, Queen of Scots (5/5) Love, Rosie (5/5)

Every Day (3/5) The Edge of Seventeen (4/5)

Watchmen (5/5) Ant-man and the Wasp (3/5)

The Imitation Game (5/5) Incredibles 2 (4/5)

Midnight Sun (3/5)

Books I Read and Listened to

On Audible:

  • Hamlet (50%) - Listened to about half of this great play mostly when I was drawing or working on other projects.


  • The English Spy by Daniel Silva - Completed

  • The Black Widow by Daniel Silva - Read about a third of the book.

The Shopping List

Hollister: Picked up two pairs of jeans on clearance, a white tee, and a bralette; all to replace older items that have met their day. Also picked up a crew sweater.

Geekgear Wizardry Subscription + Mystery Boxes: subscribed to the monthly box service, but also added two Mystery Boxes of past items. Winners: I got a Noble Wand Elder Wand in one of the mystery boxes.

Hedwig and Moving Flash Funkos

The Potter Collector hosted a sale on instagram, and I managed to pick up a few prints to decorate my walls.

Express: after receiving a birthday gift card for 40$ purchased a black A-line skirt, and a body top.

Nintendo Switch: purchased an SD Card for my Switch as the digital games I have were making a dent on my memory space.


Geekgear Wizardry: https://geekgearbox.co.uk

Hollister: https://www.hollisterco.com

Express: https://www.express.com

Nintendo SD Card: https://amzn.to/2Fi9ZNe