January 2019: A Month in Review

It was truly the time for new beginnings this January; as the winter weather rolled, we all allowed ourselves days where it was simply too cold to do anything but relax at home. It is also the month when we find our inner Marie Kondo (or we just binged the show), and start cleaning up for the new year. Here are the ten updates from my January 2019.

I updated my Laptop

This was probably the biggest change in the month for me. To allow for a little background, I’ve always had PCs with Windows; and while I don’t find Windows to be a bad operating system, I have always felt more comfortable working with MacOS.

The first thing I was happy about was being to work seamlessly between Mac-Ipad-Iphone to get all my content made, prepped, shot, edited, and posted. Airdrop is amazing. Before, my default solutions had been either Google or One Drive; the lack of download/upload associated with Airdrop is just magical.

As far as the computer goes, it is the latest model, with a few upgraded specs - and it runs like a dream. I’ve honestly felt like 10 times more productive since I’ve been using this laptop. 

Purchased the following books

  • Harry Potter Mini Book of Graphic Design: this is basically a Minalima catalog, the pocket edition - not only is it adorable, it is super handy to have as inspiration. Such an amazing add to my Potter Collection.

  • The Art of Harry Potter: This is also one of those reference books on the list of pretty much every Potterhead. It is a gorgeous collection of work.

  • An Advanced Potion Making Replica: while I cannot say where I acquired it, I can say that is is gorgeous! It has silver leaf on the cover, and the inside of the book is fully readable, and include the notes from the HBP. 

  • A Minalima Edition of Peter Pan: probably one of my favorite books, and the Minalima Edition is gorgeous. 

I decluttered my art supplies and desk items

This was a long time coming, and Marie Kondo on Netflix was likely the final push. I went through pretty much all my materials and separated all those things that I may have used a lot some time ago, but I’ve honestly never reach for anymore, or I have found better brands. I also went through pretty much anything I had in storage under my bed, and everything in my desk drawers, and cleared out all the trash, and moved all the things that shouldn’t be in the desk to where it belonged. 

I decluttered my clothes and accessories

Once I was done with my desk, I did a pass through my closet. I had done a declutter last fall, so there weren’t too many items to donate or trash, but I did managed to get one bag ready to drop off for Salvation Army or Goodwill. 

Purchased a Minalima print

As you have noticed this blog includes a lot of Harry Potter related information. This entry is no different. As a designer myself, I have a lot of admiration for their work, both Harry Potter and non Harry Potter. I got a Phoenix Detail print, which if you have seen Crimes of Grindelwald is the artwork for the cover of Nicolas Flamel’s book. I purchased other items from the shop that since beginning this post have arrived - the print itself, I was notified would take some time, but I am expecting it to arrive around Mid-February. 

Completed the Panic Free Pricing class from @thehappilyevercrafter

This is one of those courses you don’t know you need until you take it. While not all the information applies to what I am doing at the moment, just knowing it ahead of time helps as I do more and different types of work. Like anything else you might see on this list, I will provide all the links below. 

It is difficult to write a review without giving away any of the content, but to summarize: You will not be disappointed - you will learn not only how to price items, but what the breakdown of the pricing will look like, there is an emphasis in the importance on valuing your work for what it is truly worth. The Course also comes with an awesome 90 page guide that since I completed the course, I’ve continued to reference over and over.

Please make sure to follow the link below, as I truly think any creator will benefit from this course.

Design Work Started

January also meant I begun work on my own personal logo. As I now think of having a bit more of my art out in the world, and as I continue to add designs to print-on-demand sites like Society6, I figured it is also time for a logo. Along with it, I will likely create a Branding Guide, and a Quote and Invoice template. I hope to white label those last two, and create downloadable templates for others as well.

As a second logo project, I am gifting a family member with their own personal brand logo, and summary branding guide. With their permission, I hope to have those in my gallery soon.

As Freebies that have been included on this very website you will find a Bullet Journal Blank Calendar Template, which has been sized to fit some of the more popular planner brands. You will also find a Tombow Dual Brush Set Guide. This one came about as I realized that buying the sets means that you will likely end up with several duplicates, but not completely fill up the collection. The guide will help you figure out which sets to buy vs. which pens you need to get on their own - which for someone on a budget can be a lifesaver.

Subscribed to Geekgear Wizardry

This one is also a long time coming, but mostly because of wanting to make sure the box would be the best for me. I also considered the Accio box, and Gobstone Alley. The reason I ended up going with Geekgear is because both Accio and Gobstone Alley tend to come with Tea bags, which I don’t drink, recipes which I likely won’t cook, since I am a horrible cook. I will likely post a blog on my first box, which is due to ship near the end of February. 

TV shows I completed

  • ER (seasons 9 through 15) - This is probably one of those shows I have always loved, but never really finished. As Hulu had all the seasons, I watched the first few last year, and then binged the last 6 in like 3 weeks. It is an incredible show, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Dramas.

  • Nikita (half of season 3, and season 4) - This show I loved when it initially came out, and the only reason I never really watched it live was because of I worked in retail during the time it aired. It seemed a lot less complicated to binge in Netflix at a later time. But, I am very happy to have finished it. A great show. 

  • Salem (all three Seasons) - This show I wasn’t expecting to watch last month, but after watching two shows that featured Shane West, I figured I could watch one more. I was pleasantly surprised as how much I enjoyed this show. It is a great telling of the craziness of the Witch Trials with a Supernatural element included. It is a graphic show, along the same lines of Game of Thrones in the sense that they do not shy away from blood, violence or sex. 

Movies I saw

A Dog's Way Home - I cried, in joy

Final Fantasy Kingsglaive - This one I had on my list for a while but finally got around to watching. While it did receive mixed reviews, I really enjoyed it. 

Geostorm - an HBO premiere for January, it is pretty basic and predictable, but thoroughly entertaining.

Brideshead Revisited - This is the one book adaptation movie I had never watched, as I never found it on any streaming service, nor on TV. I ended up purchasing it on a sale on iTunes some time ago, and as the final fantasy movie, finally found some time to sit down and watch. 

Macbook Pro - https://www.apple.com/macbook-pro/

The Art of Harry Potter: Mini Book of Graphic Design - https://www.amazon.com/Art-Harry-Potter-Graphic-Design/dp/1683834526

The Art of Harry Potter - https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-art-of-harry-potter-marc-sumerak/1126531258?ean=9780062820754

Peter Pan (Minalima Edition) - https://store.minalima.com/shop/gift-ideas/minalima-bestsellers/peter-pan-signed-copy/

Minalima Phoenix Detail Print - https://store.minalima.com/shop/new-arrivals/new-fantastic-beasts/phoenix-detail-from-the-magical-book/

Minalima Book Cover Postcards - https://store.minalima.com/shop/new-arrivals/new-harry-potter/book-covers-from-hogwarts-postcards/

Panic Free Pricing Course by @thehappilyevercrafter - https://www.thehappyevercrafter.com/product/panic-free-pricing/

Geekgear Wizardry - https://geekgearbox.co.uk/subscribe/geekgear-wizardry-subscription/