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The Bucket List of Travel

I’ve always had a fascination with traveling, with the idea of discovering new places. As time passes, I often find myself narrowing the list of places I truly wish to visit. Find below the running list of locations I wish to see in this lifetime, I hope to begin crossing them out soon.

2018: What I got for Christmas

Tis’ that time of the year! As I sit down to pen this post — hot chocolate at hand — I am very much aware that I am lucky. Lucky to have my family and friends, and those I care about. Lucky to have been able to spend the holidays with them. I can only hope 2019 is just a good a year. 

Going over my gifts, I’ve decided to split them up in similar categories, and as such they have been photographed in groups (unless they weren’t photographed at all). I will link all the products below.