January 2019: A Month in Review

It was truly the time for new beginnings this January; as the winter weather rolled, we all allowed ourselves days where it was simply too cold to do anything but relax at home. It is also the month when we find our inner Marie Kondo (or we just binged the show), and start cleaning up for the new year. Here are the ten updates from my January 2019.

2018: What I got for Christmas

Tis’ that time of the year! As I sit down to pen this post — hot chocolate at hand — I am very much aware that I am lucky. Lucky to have my family and friends, and those I care about. Lucky to have been able to spend the holidays with them. I can only hope 2019 is just a good a year. 

Going over my gifts, I’ve decided to split them up in similar categories, and as such they have been photographed in groups (unless they weren’t photographed at all). I will link all the products below.