Funko Concept Designs - Portfolio Project


Jonathan Pine Funko Concept Design

Concept Design for a Funko Collectible figure, based on the character of the television show “The Night Manager.”

Created in Procreate App, on iPad Pro

Personal & Academic Projects (2008-2011)


A Study of Fabric

Charcoal and Chalk

The First of several studies; this study was done in an effort to practice composition, shading, and contrast.


A study of fabric

Sumi Ink

A study of composition, shape, and form.


Master Study: Michelangelo

Charcoals and Pastels

Master study of a Michelangelo sketch for the Sistine Chapel. Study intended to replicate the composition and movement studies of Master artists.


Eye Study

Acrylic and Liquid Foil on Canvas

A study on composition, and realism, while exploring mixed media on canvas.